Members at University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry

Institutional Representative: Stephen R. Hammes, MD, PhD (profile)
Member Year elected Specialties Phone Email
Anolik, Jennifer H 2015 Medicine 585-275-1632
Berk, Bradford C. 1995 Biochemistry; Cardiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Cell Biology; Genetics; Hypertension; Internal Medicine; Molecular biology 585-276-7418
Bushinsky, David A. 1990 Internal Medicine; Nephrology; Physiology 585-275-3660
Calvi, Laura Maria 2013 Bone 585-275-5011
Georas, Steve N. 2008 Internal Medicine 585-275-4861
Gerich, John E. 1977 Diabetes; Endocrinology; Metabolism; Physiology 585-275-5295
Gigliotti, Francis 1996 HIV; Immunology; Infectious Disease; Microbiology; Pediatrics; Vaccines 716-275-5944
Goldman, Steven 2001 Neurobiology; Neurology 585-276-4157
Hammes, Stephen 2007 Internal Medicine 585-276-4995
Leddy, John P. 1968 Allergy; Immunology; Rheumatology 585-275-1631
Liang, Chang-Seng 1979 Cardiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Gastroenterology; Hepatology; Virology 585-341-7706
Lichtman, Marshall A. 1973 Biochemistry; Biomedical Engineering; Biophysics; Cell Biology; Hematology 585-275-2205
Mohile, Supriya Gupta 2023 Geriatrics; Medical Oncology 585-275-9319
Schwartz, George J. 1985 Nephrology; Pediatrics; Physiology 585-275-9784
Sims, Peter Jay 1989 Biochemistry; Biophysics; Cardiovascular Disease; Cell Biology; Hematology; Immunology; Laboratory Medicine; Molecular biology; Pathology; Pharmacology 585-208-7802