Photo: Brent Richards, MD, MSc
Brent Richards, MD, MSc
Year elected: 2017
Current membership category: Active
McGill University
Jewish General Hospital
3755 Cote Ste Catherine, Room H413
Montreal, PQ H3T 1E2
Phone: (514) 340-8222 ext 4362

Biographical statement

Dr. Richards is an Associate Professor, William Dawson Scholar and FRQS Chercheur Boursier Clinician Scientist, at the Lady Davis Institute of the Jewish General Hospital, at McGill University and a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London, UK. Trained in genetics, clinical medicine, endocrinology, epidemiology and biostatistics, Dr. Richards focuses on understanding the genetic determinants of common aging-related endocrine diseases, such as osteoporosis and vitamin D insufficiency. He and his colleagues have made important advances by identifying some of the genes that may cause these diseases. He co-chaired what was world’s largest whole-genome sequencing program for common disease and identified a novel and central protein critical to fracture risk through the study over half a million research subjects around the world.

Dr. Richards has also used Mendelian randomization to better understand the role of vitamin D in risk of multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

His work has been recognized through election as a Member of the Royal Society of Canada, College of New Scholars, and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Foundation Grant.

Institutional affiliations

McGill University Faculty of Medicine (Primary)
Dr. Richards is serving as the ASCI's Institutional Representative.