Todd R. Golub, MD
Photo: Todd Golub






Elected 2008
The majority of my effort is directed toward patient-oriented laboratory research. Clinical observations from cancer medicine are investigated at the molecular level, with an eye toward developing a better understanding of the pathogenesis of cancer, and toward the development of improved cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Particular emphasis is placed on genomic approaches to cancer, including the development and application of gene expression profiling-based approaches to cancer classification. Such mRNA or miRNA-based classifiers have the potential to more accurately diagnose patients, and to identify subgroups of patients most appropriate for particular therapeutic interventions. A newer direction of the laboratory involves the development of novel chemical genomic approaches to new therapeutic discovery. By extending the concept of gene expression signatures beyond the diagnostic realm, we are using these signatures as the starting point for high throughput small molecule screens.

Honors / awards

National Academy of Sciences (2024)
National Academy of Medicine (2014)