Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD
Photo: Mitchell Schnall



Elected 2006
Dr. Schnall’s Research has focused on innovative approaches to apply imaging to the detection and characterization of cancer. His work is characterized by creative technical innovation and clinical translation. The majority of this work focuses on MRI. His work in MRI has centered on innovation to MRI coil design and associated image acquisition techniques that provide a unique opportunity study anatomy and metablolism in vivo. Initially, he focused his effort on MRI, developing endorectal MRI coil technology for obtaining high resolution imaging of the prostate. He demonstrated that using this technique, the extent of prostate cancer can be more accurately characterized than any other available method. This technology is now in wide spread clinical use. He similarly developed innovative coil technology and acquisition techniques focused on obtaining high spatial and temporal resolution images of breast cancer using a dynamic contrast enhanced approach. He was the first investigator to highlight the importance of spatial resolution and architectural features in the characterization of enhancing breast lesions. His initial work form the basis for the standard lexicon published by the American College of Radiology and is taught world wide. He also organized a series of muticenter clinical trials establishing the diagnostic accuracy of MRI using architectural and dynamic contrast kinetics in the detection and characterization of breast cancer. Dr. Schnall made further contributions to breast MRI through developing and applying techniques for MRI guided breast biopsy. This work has in part allowed dissemination of MRI as a technique to detect early breast cancer.

Honors / awards

National Academy of Medicine (2012)