Robert S. Adelstein, MD
Elected 1977

Our laboratory has a long-standing interest in the in vivo and in vitro function of the three isoforms of vertebrate nonmuscle myosin II (NM II). We have generated two mouse models with single amino-acid mutations that mimmic the human syndromes MYH9-related diseases (caused by mutations in the heavy chain of NM II-A) and Pentalogy of Cantrell (caused by a mutation in the NM II-B heavy chain in mice, but of an unknown cause in humans). We are presently collaborating with Mike Bamshad's lab at U. of Wash. to carry out whole exomic sequencing to identify potential causative genes. We also study the mechanism underlying the alternative splicing of NM II-A and II-B pre-mRNA. Finally we are studying a mouse model of squamous cell carcinoma caused by conditional ablation of NM II-A.