Members at University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Institutional Representative: Jonathan James Juliano, MD, MSPH (profile)
Member Year elected Specialties Phone Email
Basch, Ethan Martin 2018 Clinical research; Clinical trials; Health services research; Medical Oncology; Outcomes research Log in to view Log in to view
Boucher, Richard C. 1985 Cell Biology; Gene Transfer/Gene Therapy; Molecular biology; Physiology; Pulmonology 919-966-1077
Clemmons, David R. 1987 Biochemistry; Cardiovascular Disease; Cell Biology; Endocrinology; Metabolism 919-966-4735
Cohen, Myron S. 1988 HIV; Hypertension; Immunology; Infectious Disease; Internal Medicine; Microbiology; Molecular biology 919-966-2536
D'Ercole, A. Joseph 1985 Biochemistry; Cell Biology; Developmental Biology; Endocrinology; Metabolism; Molecular biology; Neurobiology; Pediatrics; Physiology 919-966-4435
Dellon, Evan S. 2024 Gastroenterology 9198439618
Diaz, Luis 1984 Dermatology; Immunology 9196050130
Doerschuk, Claire M. 1998 Administration; Critical Care Medicine; Infectious Disease; Pathology; Pediatrics; Pulmonology 919 966-1077
Duncan, Joseph Alexander 2020 Medicine 919-843-0715
Earp, H. Shelton 1986 Administration; Biochemistry; Cell Biology; Endocrinology; Oncology; Pharmacology 919-966-1185
Falk, Ronald J 1993 Immunology; Internal Medicine; Nephrology 919-966-9286
Flythe, Jennifer Elizabeth 2021 Health services research; Nephrology 919-966-2561
Fried, Michael 2004 Gastroenterology; Hepatology 919-966-2516
Goldsmith, Lowell A. 1980 Dermatology; Genetics 919-929-1572
Hadler, Nortin M. 1982 Geriatrics; Internal Medicine; Rheumatology 919-616-3006
Hostetter, Thomas H. 1987 Internal Medicine; Nephrology 919-445-2648
Juliano, Jonathan J. 2019 Genetics; Genomics; Infectious Disease; Internal Medicine; Public Health 919-843-5065
Kim, William Y. 2014 Oncology 919-966-4765
Lemon, Stanley M. 1987 Infectious Disease; Internal Medicine; Microbiology; Virology 919-843-1848
Margolis, David M. 2005 HIV; Infectious Disease; Internal Medicine; Microbiology 919-966-6388
Parr, Jonathan B. 2024 Infectious Disease 9194451132
Pecot, Chad V. 2021 Medical Oncology 6153053955
Sparling, P. Frederick 1975 Administration; Infectious Disease; Internal Medicine; Microbiology 919-444-9440
Watkins, Paul B. 1993 Environmental Medicine; Gastroenterology; Hepatology; Internal Medicine; Pharmacology; Toxicology 919-3575993
Yeh, Jen Jen 2015 Surgery 919-966-5221