Photo: Peggy Suejin Myung, MD, PhD
Peggy Suejin Myung, MD, PhD
Year elected: 2021
Current membership category: Active
Yale University
15 York St, 603A Hunter Building
New haven, CT 06510
United States of America
Phone: 203-737-7111

Biographical statement

Peggy Myung, MD, PhD, is a physician-scientist with clinical expertise in dermatopathology. Her research program is centered on unraveling the tissue-tissue interactions that promote skin hair follicle formation and regeneration and to understand how these same mechanisms intersect with disease states including skin cancer. Coupling mouse genetic models with live imaging and genomic approaches, she has uncovered some of the essential roles Wnt/beta-catenin signaling plays in both embryonic hair follicle development as well as adult hair follicle regeneration. Currently, her lab uses both mouse and human genetic models to study: 1) The dynamic interplay of molecular drivers and cell-cell interactions that regulate hair follicle formation during embryonic development; 2) how these developmental programs iteratively govern stem cell behavior during adult hair follicle regeneration; and 3) if these mechanisms can be repurposed to suppress skin cancer by reining in transcriptional programs to promote proper growth and differentiation.

Institutional affiliations

Harriet Margot Kluger, MD is the representative at this institution.