Photo: Stuart C. Ray, MD
Stuart C. Ray, MD
Year elected: 2009
Current membership category: Senior
Professor of Medicine and Vice Chair for Data Integrity and Analytics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases, Dept of Medicine
Center for Viral Hepatitis Research
855 N. Wolfe Street, room suite 530
Baltimore, MD 21205
United States of America
Phone: 410-614-2891
Facsimile: 443-769-1221

Biographical statement

Dr. Ray studies the evolution of RNA viruses, primarily hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV, and the ways in which viral evolution in vivo serves as a biological probe for the host-pathogen relationship. That work involves development and application of widely-used tools in computational biology of infectious diseases. Areas of specific focus of the lab are immune escape and reversion driving HCV genomic evolution, antibody-mediated neutralization of HCV and its modulation by HIV infection, and nanodiagnostics.

Institutional affiliations

Dr. Ray is serving as the ASCI's Institutional Representative.


Infectious Disease
Internal Medicine

Positions held

Department Vice-Chair
Laboratory Director