Photo: Ana Maria Cuervo, MD, PhD
Ana Maria Cuervo, MD, PhD
Year elected: 2008
Current membership category: Active
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461
United States of America
Phone: 718-430-2689
Facsimile: 718-430-8975

Honors and awards

National Academy of Sciences (2019)
American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2018)

Biographical statement

Ana Maria Cuervo is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Anatomy and Structural Biology and of Medicine of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a member of the Liver and Aging Centers at the same institution. She obtained her M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Valencia (Spain) in 1990 and 1994, respectively. After a three-year postdoctoral training in the Department of Physiology at Tufts University, Boston, she became a research assistant professor in the same Department. In 2001, she relocated her laboratory to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where she continues her studies in the role of protein-degradation in neurodegenerative diseases and aging. Dr. Cuervo’s group is interested in understanding how altered proteins can be eliminated from the cells. Her group has recently linked alterations in lysosomal protein degradation with Parkinson’s disease. They have also proven that restoration of normal lysosomal function prevents accumulation of damaged proteins with age, demonstrating this way that removal of these toxic products is possible. Dr. Cuervo is considered a leader in the field of protein degradation and has been invited to present her work in numerous national and international institutions. She has chaired conferences on protein degradation and on Aging, belongs to the editorial board of scientific journals in this topic and she is currently co-Editor-in-Chief of Aging Cell. She was the recipient of the 2005 P. Benson Award in Cell Biology, the 2005/8 Keith Porter Fellow in Cell Biology and the 2006 Nathan Shock Memorial Lecture Award

Institutional affiliations

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University (Primary)


General Medicine