Phyllis A. Dennery, MD
Year elected: 2004
Current membership category: Senior
Sylvia Kay Hassenfeld Professor and Chair
Brown University
Office of the Chair, Hasbro Children's Hospital
593 Eddy St
Suite 125
Providence, RI 02906
United States of America
Phone: 401-444-5648

Honors and awards

National Academy of Medicine (2013)

Biographical statement

Dr. Dennery's focuses on understanding signaling mechanisms involved in hyperoxic lung injury in neonatal models. She has characterized the regulation of heme oxygenase, the rate limiting enzyme in the metabolism of heme. This pathway allows for the degradation of a pro-oxidant molecule and the formation of antioxidant bile pigments and carbon monoxide. She demonstrated that HO-1 which is normally anchored to the smooth endoplasmic reticulum at the C-terminal, can be cleaved under certain conditions to migrate to the nucleus to mediate important signaling functions. She also showed that HO-1 can bind to other proteins such as Nrf2 , the transcription factor that is central to oxidative regulation, to alter downstream signaling. Recently, she has demonstrated that through heme regulation, HO-1 can also modulate circadian rhythmicity in cell models. These insights allow for a better understanding of the pleiotropic functions of HO-1.

Institutional affiliations

Brown University Medical School (Primary)
Eleftherios Mylonakis, MD, PhD, FIDSA is the representative at this institution.


Cell Biology
Molecular Biology

Positions held

Department Chair
Senior Investigator