Photo: Brian J. Druker, MD
Brian J. Druker, MD
Year elected: 1997
Current membership category: Senior
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute/HHMI
3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Rd
Mail Code: KR-HEM
Portland, OR 97239
United States of America
Phone: 503-494-5596
Facsimile: 503-494-3688

Honors and awards

American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2012)
ASCI | Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award (2011) For contributions to the development of novel therapeutics in the treatment of leukemia and other forms of cancer.
Lasker~DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award (2009) For the development of molecularly-targeted treatments for chronic myeloid leukemia, converting a fatal cancer into a manageable chronic condition. More
National Academy of Sciences (2007)
National Academy of Medicine (2003)

Biographical statement

None provided.

Institutional affiliations

Oregon Health & Science University (Primary)


Cell Biology
Internal Medicine
Molecular Biology

Positions held

Section Chief
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator