Henry Gewirtz, MD
Year elected: 1990
Current membership category: Emeritus
Massachusetts Gen Hospital
Yawkey 5E
Nuclear Cardiology
55 Fruit St
Boston, MA 02114
United States of America
Phone: 617-724-3650
Facsimile: 617-643-1639

Biographical statement

Investigation of physiological mechanisms of the regulation of myocardial blood flow (MBF) in humans. Positron emission tomography (PET) is used for quantiative measurements of MBF as well as LV function, glucose metabolism and myocardial oxygen consumption. Developmental work on a new, F-18 labeled PET tracer for MBF measurement also is in progress in both human subjects as well as in a porcine model of the coronary circulation.

Institutional affiliations

Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital (Primary)
Dennis A. Ausiello, MD is the representative at this institution.


Cardiovascular Disease

Positions held

Section Chief
Professor, Associate