Photo: Warren J. Leonard, MD
Warren J. Leonard, MD
Year elected: 1988
Current membership category: Senior
NIH Distinguished Investigator, Director, Immunology Center, and Chief, Lab of Molecular Immunology
9020 Burdette Road
Bethesda, MD 20817
United States of America
Phone: 301-496-0098
Facsimile: 301-402-0971

Honors and awards

ASCI | Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine (2021) (shared) Warren J. Leonard, MD, and John J. O’Shea, MD, for their respective contributions to the field of immunology, from fundamental discovery to therapeutic impact. More
American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2016)
National Academy of Sciences (2015)
National Academy of Medicine (2013)

Biographical statement

None provided.

Institutional affiliations

National Institutes of Health (Primary)
Darryl C. Zeldin, MD is the representative at this institution.


Internal Medicine
Molecular Biology

Positions held

Lab Chief