Physician-Scientist Development Committee

Recognizing the need to bolster retention on the physician-scientist career path, in 2020, the ASCI formed the Physician-Scientist Development Committee (PSDC) which monitors, creates, and supports programming for early-career physician-scientists.

PSDC projects include:

  • Increasing longitudinal programming for our Young Physician-Scientist Awardees, which includes:
    • Leadership development workshops
    • Virtual poster sessions
    • Panel discussions on topics including Funding, Publishing, and Running a Research Program
    • The Physician Scientist Pathway Series, which brings our early-career awardees and members together with an esteemed and established colleague to converse about the physician-scientist career path
    • Peer review groups
  • Instituting a similar award and programming for pre-faculty Physician-Scientists, the Emerging-Generation Award

2022-2023 Committee Leadership:

Anna Greka, MD, PhD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Christopher S. Williams, MD, PhD
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Anna Ryan Hemnes, MD
Vice Chair
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Oliver Eickelberg, MD
Vice Chair
University of Pittsburgh
Goutham Narla, MD, PhD
Councilor Volunteer
University of Michigan, Michigan Medicine
Hossein Ardehali, MD, PhD
ASCI Immediate Past President
Northwestern University Medical Center

2022-2023 General Assembly:

Kjersti Aagaard, MD, PhD (Baylor College of Medicine)
Rajendra Apte, MD, PhD (Washington University)
Valerie Arboleda, MD, PhD (University of California, Los Angeles)
Stephanie Eisenbarth, MD, PhD (Northwestern University)
Holger Eltzschig, MD, PhD (University of Texas Medical School)
Shuta Ishibe, MD (Yale University)
Rajan Jain, MD (University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine)
Alex Kentsis, MD, PhD (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
Nima Mosammaparast, MD, PhD (Washington University)
Kyu Rhee, MD, PhD (Weill Cornell)
David Stoltz, MD, PhD (University of Iowa)

Consulting Members:

Sarah Henrickson, MD, PhD (2021 YPSA)
Marie Guerraty, MD, PhD (2022 YPSA)
Wilfredo Garcia-Beltran, MD, PhD (2022 E-Gen Awardee)
Piro Lito, MD, PhD (2022 Seldin~Smith Awardee)
Yentli Soto Albrecht (APSA President)
Alex Waldman (APSA President-Elect)

Please direct any questions about the Physician-Scientist Development Committee to